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REVEZ Corporation Ltd. 07.04.2021

REVEZ Motion Enhances its Cybersecurity Offering with Imvision’s Automated API Security Management Platform



The partnership protects customers’ proprietary APIs from development, staging, and production environments with intelligence-led security solutions.


Singapore, 6 April 2021 REVEZ Motion, a subsidiary of homegrown technology group, REVEZ Corporation announced that it has signed a distributorship agreement with Imvision, an Israel-headquartered cybersecurity firm recognised by Gartner as an API security specialist vendor. Through this agreement, the two organisations plan to jointly develop, engage and enable companies with automated Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) security solution that can proactively detect and mitigate anomalies with immediate remediation recommendations and simulate attacks based on learned logic.


Using algorithms from Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based technology, Imvision’s platform analyses unique API dialogue and the application’s behaviour to model the complex relationships within the data, and uncover possible Personally identifiable Information (PII) data exposure. This approach eliminates the complexity and burden of cybersecurity for organisations struggling to prevent, and respond to API-related attacks 24/7—without the exorbitant costs of building an in-house solution.


API security gaining priority in the digital economy

With the shift towards cloud environments, product ecosystems and network democratisation, B2B data exchange is becoming a key business enabler. APIs make digital society and economy work by connecting people, businesses and things. They enable new digital products, business models and create new business channels.


As organisations become API-first, so do cyber attackers. According to Gartner, web applications already have 40% of their attacks come through APIs instead of user interfaces. Analysts also predict that this number will increase to 90% in 2021. By 2022, API abuses will become the most-frequent attack vector. Therefore, protecting APIs with a generic security solution is no longer ineffective.

Forward-thinking companies must look beyond APIs as a piece of technology and instead, should build their business models and operational strategies on them. Imvision’s AI-based, self-learning architecture drives new levels of digital asset protection for every customer, creating visibility throughout the API technology stack. This is vital for organisations as intelligent security deterrence and reliability are critical to success of digital transformation,” says Mr Victor Neo, Group CEO of REVEZ Corporation.


Imvision has a great channel programme to support value-added distributors such as REVEZ Motion, which boasts an extensive corporate client network and multi-industry coverage,” says Mr Sharon Mantin, Co-Founder & CEO of Imvision.Leveraging their decade-long track record, REVEZ Motion can now offer additional value to existing clients while generating new business opportunities. We look forward to a strong pipeline in the months to come.”


With the conclusion of this distributorship agreement, REVEZ Motion continues to grow innovative security capabilities and turnkey solutions for enterprises that lack in-house staff to monitor and administer a security operations center. For those who would like to learn more on API security, they can attend an exclusive webinar on 21 April 2021, 1-2pm. Sign up here:




About REVEZ Corporation Ltd.

REVEZ Corporation Ltd. is a CreativeTech group incorporating innovators, technologists and creative capabilities to drive enterprise and consumer value across its 7 business segments. Leveraging their network of Fortune 500 partners and industry experts, they are known for their expertise in Immersive Multimedia, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Cybersecurity, Deep Tech - specialising in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Integrated Spaces, Industrial Automation and Digital Media Networks. Since its incorporation in 2010, the group has worked with more than 100 clients in the private and public sectors on over 500 projects regionally. REVEZ Corporation Ltd continues to shape the digital future with scalable tech adoption, enabling strategic partners to build a robust digital ecosystem and stay ahead of evolving trends.  For more information, please visit


About ImVision

With Imvision, enterprises can accelerate their digital transformation by making sure that every API is individually protected and every API call is scrutinized – no matter how many there are. That means that every interaction between people, businesses, and machines can be trusted. Imvision's platform detects breaches by analyzing each API's unique dialogue, understanding the application's behavior, and modeling complex relationships within the data. This allows it to highlight business logic issues so that they can be corrected before breaches take place.


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