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Vulcan Energy Resources Limited 04.12.2019



-          Maiden Mineral Resource Estimation completed at the Vulcan Lithium Brine Project, in the Upper Rhine Valley of Germany

-          Total Inferred Mineral Resource of 13.2 Mt of contained Lithium Carbonate Equivalent, at a lithium brine grade of 181 mg/l Li.

-          Vulcan is now the largest JORC-compliant Lithium Resource in Europe by a considerable margin; a globally significant lithium brine resource

-          With COP25 announcing Climate Emergency “at the point of no return”, Vulcan is leading the industry with its Zero Carbon Lithium™ Project.

-          Dual listing of VUL shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

-          VUL shares trade under stock code “6KO”

-          Broadens the exposure and liquidity of Vulcan Energy Resources and its Zero Carbon Lithium™ Project.


Largest JORC Lithium Resource in Europe: Vulcan Zero Carbon LithiumTM Project


Vulcan Energy Resources Ltd. (“Vulcan”, “VUL”, the Company”) is pleased to announce the completion of the maiden Mineral Resource Estimate for its Ortenau licence within the Vulcan Lithium Project, in the Upper Rhine Valley of South-West Germany, which has been compiled using the guidelines provided by the 2012 JORC Code. The Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate for the brine has been calculated at 13.2 Mt of contained LCE, at a lithium brine grade of 181 mg/l Li, average porosity of 9.5% and lower cutoff of 100 mg/l Li. Europe’s other JORC-compliant lithium resources in Europe include European Metals’ Cinovec, at 7.17 Mt LCE, Rio Tinto’s Jadar, at 6.24 Mt LCE, Infinity Lithium’s San Jose at 1.68 Mt LCE and Savannah Resources’ Barroso at 0.71 Mt LCE, all hard-rock projects2.


Managing Director, Dr. Francis Wedin commented: “Vulcan’s Maiden Mineral Resource Estimate, on just one of the licence areas within the Vulcan Project, elevates us into becoming a globally significant lithium project. It also shows the potential for the Vulcan Project to be a primary source for the burgeoning European battery industry’s lithium hydroxide needs, via a low-impact, Zero Carbon Lithium™ process powered by and sourced from geothermal wells. This comes at an opportune time, as we enter a period where Europe is forecast to dwarf China’s growth in demand for lithium hydroxide in Europe as part of the transition to electric vehicles, but with currently only high carbon emission sources of lithium hydroxide available to cathode and battery manufacturers.”


Vulcan Energy Resources Dual Listing on Frankfurt Stock Exchange


Vulcan Energy Resources Ltd. (“Vulcan”, “VUL”, the Company”) is pleased to announce the dual listing of the Company’s shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The Company’s shares will trade under the code “6KO”.


The Frankfurt listing widens Vulcan’s investor reach and increases the Company’s exposure to German and European markets, where the Vulcan Zero Carbon Lithium Project is located.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the world’s third largest exchange-trading market, behind the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. More than 50% of the total trades on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange are conducted through investors in countries outside of Germany.


Managing Director, Dr. Francis Wedin commented: “Vulcan now has access to new clients and capital markets and will gain greater liquidity and exposure to a larger field of retail and institutional investors. The Frankfurt listing is also a natural progression for our German Zero Carbon Lithium™ story. As VUL’s shares are quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange, which is a Frankfurt Stock Exchange approved exchange, the dual listing was possible without primary listing procedures or significant cost to the Company.”


Investor Relations Europe

Dr Eva Reuter

Friedrich Evert Anlage 35-37

Tower 185

60327 Frankfurt

+49 (0) 69 1532 5857

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