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Fritz Nols AG 31.08.2018

Fritz Nols AG: Successful start with trading in Bitcoin


Frankfurt am Main (30.08.2018) - The 100% subsidiary of Fritz Nols AG, Da Vinci started trading in cryptocurrencies on 1 July 2018. For this purpose, a sub fund has been created in the existing fund structure. The fund is only aimed at qualified investors and is not authorized for public sale in Germany and Switzerland.


In the first month, a performance of 3.4% was achieved. The trading strategies used are long / short and arbitrage. In particular, the sometimes-significant price differences at over 200 existing trading venues result in risk-free arbitrage opportunities, which are exploited in the strategy.


Trading is currently focused on Bitcoin / US Dollar and will be extended to other crypto currencies in the coming months. Since the entire crypto market is still relatively young, these markets are still far from the efficiency of the major futures exchanges. It offers a historic opportunity to generate above-average returns in professional trading.


In addition to assets from the Aeternum Coin, cash inflows from other investors have already been recorded. Da Vinci Asset Management is again targeting assets under management in the area of crypto asset management in the amount of EUR 250 million as in 2007/08. Currently, strongly rising inflows of funds can be registered.


Da Vinci has received numerous awards over the past 10 years for her managed funds, such as The Alternative Investments Award 2008 of the Geld Magazin in Vienna, the IBC's Annual Hedge Fund Award 2009 in Frankfurt and the Hedgeweek Award in London for the best hedge fund in 2015. Da Vinci sees many years of experience in trading and the development of fully automatic trading systems significant advantage over other market participants in the crypto market.


Further information on Fritz Nols AG can be found on


Founded in 1975, Fritz Nols AG was a traditional German floor brokerage company. Here is a TV report from 1984:


The Aeternum Coin at is a building block in the new corporate strategy of Fritz Nols towards a leading digital wealth manager and consultant in the field of ICOs and cryptocurrencies in Germany. The focus will be on asset management and fundraising. Subsidiaries manage mutual funds in Singapore and the Cayman Islands, which i.e. pursue the investment strategy Distressed & Special Situations. Other investment strategies include high frequency trading specializing in Systematic Quantitative CTA (Alternative-Data-Related Quantitative Trading Systems).




This document contains forward-looking statements on overall economic development as well as the business, earnings, financial and asset situation of Fritz Nols AG. These statements are based on current plans, estimates, forecasts and expectations of the company and are thus subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause the actual much expected from the development differs. The forward-looking statements to have the time of publication validity. The Fritz Nols AG does not intend to update the forward-looking statements and assumes no obligation. Furthermore, no guarantee for the future business development can be adopted. Maybe the records enter developments that lead to various projects as planned cannot be realized or investments turn out to be a non-sense. The Fritz Nols AG assumes no liability. (end)




Fritz Nols AG

Poststraße 2-4

60329 Frankfurt am Main


contact person:

Hendrik Klein


+49 69 348 75 480



stock exchanges:

regulated market in Frankfurt; free market in Dusseldorf, free market in Hamburg, free market in Stuttgart; open market in Berlin




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