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Fritz Nols AG 25.04.2017

Fritz Nols AG reaches Agreement with Bondstreet Management Group Inc by Letter Of Understanding


Frankfurt­­(Marketwired ­ April 25, 2017) ­ Fritz Nols AG () ("Fritz" or the "Company") today announced that it has reached an agreement (the "Agreement") with Bondstreet Management Group Inc and its affiliates (collectively "Bondstreet"), which is made by a  letter of understanding, between the two companies and is subject to shareholder approval.

Under the Agreement, the shareholders of Bondstreet, have agreed to exchange 100% (one hundred percent) of their shares for Fritz shares, based on evaluation which will be determined by way of share exchange agreement, but will not exceed 60% of the total emission of outstanding shares of the Fritz Company on closing. It is anticipated under the agreement that a formal agreement will be entered into, subject to shareholder’s approval within 30 days of the execution date.


"We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Bondstreet, as the principals believe this is a great opportunity, for the company, and its investors. This agreement follows with the business plan of Fritz as an future investment banking group of companies, and will substantially increase shareholder value. We have always welcomed shareholder input and are confident that all of the Company's investors will benefit from the complementary perspectives of all of our new directors."

Mr. Grant Johnston, Managing Director of Bondstreet stated, "We believe in the tremendous opportunity represented by Fritz and are committed to working constructively on the Board to continue to focus on initiatives aimed at enhancing growth and efficiency. We appreciate the steps the Company has already taken to drive growth and enhance shareholder value, and are squarely focused on strengthening the Company's market leadership. Bondstreet is also committed to honoring the Fritz legacy of achieving shareholder growth and intends to work closely with current management to substantially increase shareholder value by way of further acquisitions."


As part of the Agreement, Bondstreet has agreed to certain conditions which include but are not limited to expanding the Board of Directors, and to achieve further growth by way of acquisitions in Canada to enhance the already existing portfolio.


About Fritz Nols AG

Founded in 1975, Fritz Nols AG was a traditional German floor brokerage company now specializing in capital market advice by listing SMEs, M&A and issuance of corporate bonds from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The 100% subsidiary Da Vinci manages investment funds in Singapore and Cayman Islands, specialized in the investment strategy Distressed & Special Situations (companies in difficult phases mainly in the financial services sector) and the HFT related investment strategy Systematic Quantitative CTA (news-related quantitative systems). By acquiring and consolidating financial services companies like distressed asset managers and banks, Fritz Nols AG is generating value by centralising compliance, risk management, portfolio management, marketing and administration.


About Bondstreet Management Group Inc.


Bondstreet Management Group ("Bondstreet") is a private investment firm and management company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is focused on acquiring investments in agricultural, development, aggregates, to name a few. .Bondstreet is currently finalizing the share purchase of a major agricultural concern located in the interior of British Columbia, as well as a pepper processing plant located in the lower mainland. Bondstreet business platform consists of acquiring asset backed businesses, which are undervalued, and require additional capital in order to achieve their full potential. We are very pleased and excited by the tremendous opportunity provided by this agreement with Fritz Nols. Our combined companies have the resources and ability to continue the robust growth of the company into the future through operating efficiencies and further acquisitions. Bondstreet is totally committed to working closely with the Board to continue their policy and philosophy of enhancing the growth of the company to the benefit of the shareholders.



This document contains forward-looking statements on overall economic development as well as the business, earnings, financial and asset situation of Fritz Nols AG. These statements are based on current plans, estimates, forecasts and expectations of the company and are thus subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause the actual much expected from the development differs. The forward-looking statements to have the time of publication validity. The Fritz Nols AG does not intend to update the forward-looking statements and assumes no obligation. Furthermore, no guarantee for the future business development can be adopted. Maybe the records enter developments that lead to various projects as planned can not be realized or investments turn out to be a non-sense. The Fritz Nols AG assumes no liability.


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